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Business Yoga in your company

Yoga prevents back pain, problems with concentration and burn-out, at the same time yoga is a perfect addition to other physical activity that require strength or cardio. With yoga we even out dybalances of the body, so that it is not about the question: "Am I flexible enough for yoga" but how can yoga help you to become more flexible, stronger and relaxed.

Business Yoga in companies or as part of a congress is becoming more and more popular, as with simple means you can do a lot for the health of your collegues. Companies with an offer of Business Yoga could reduce their sick notes by half! Furthermore is Business Yoga very easy to implement, all you need are sport clothing and a room. Mats and props will be provided.

Try it this week – you need neither previous experience, nor strength or flexibility and no fear of your collegues. At Business Yoga we are not doing anything complicated and introduce you step by step to yoga, without any esoteric components. It is more about reducing discomfort, learn about relaxation techniques and increase concentration so you can use your office hours more efficiently.


120,- Euro / 60 Minutes
160,- Euro / 90 Minutes