Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and flowing yoga style which makes you sweat and releases you with a great feeling in to the day. No matter if you beginner or experienced, there are plenty of variations for each body and level, so for everyone the practice is motivating and challenging at the same time.

The roots of vinyasa yoga can be found in Ashtanga Yoga. The classes start with a short meditation and a warm-up, where we start stretching and twisting the spine in all directions, and also activate our core. Afterwards we continue with an energizing flow, containing variations of sun salutations and some challenging asanas. The classes end with some restorative stretches and savasana, the final relaxation.

The classes follow a similar scheme but no lesson is like the other – some asanas and sequences are repeated, others are new with every class, so that there is always a mixture of known and new elements.

No matter if you are a beginner or experienced, a safe practice is one of our most important elements. Individual adjustment and alignment are core of my Vinyasa Yoga classes. For each body and level there are enough variations so everybody receives his personal progress in strength, flexibility, balance and so much more.

Furthermore we want to practice „meditation in motion“ – the connection of breath and movement, which brings you to the „here and now“ and makes you leave the class with a great feeling.