Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very still and quiet yoga style and can be referred to as counterpart to the „yang“. Other than in the dynamic practice where sequences are repeated and the muscles are strengthened, in Yin Yoga we hold the positions for a longer time, between three and ten minutes to give the body time to let go.

This is how we reach deeper levels of our body and get to our fascia. Especially people who practice sports requirering strength and challenging the muscles find a perfect balance in Yin Yoga.

How deep you get into the poses and how it looks varies from person to person. Aim is to find YOUR suitable stretch for certain groups of muscles – as this differs anatomically from person to person we find modification for every body.

Holding the poses for a long time as well es the stillness we reach by doing so, we get deeper into our bodies and emotions so Yin Yoga can be regarded as a gateway to meditation.