Yoga and Surf, France, June 13th to 20th, 2020

Yoga and Surf France

The perfect week to dive into summer: Be there when the sun awakens in France and the beaches are still empty. We chose this week on purpose around the summer solstice as the long lasting summer day make this time of the year to one of the most beautiful, the temperatures announce summer but at the same time we benefit from the advantages of the low season. We start the day with yoga on the dune and view over the endless coastline along the Atlantic ocean, have dinner outside and with daylight and enjoy the sunset with red wine on the dune. It is totally up to you how you spend the time between the yoga sessions: surfing, French classes or just relaxing at the beach or in the garden. As with all Yoga Delight retreats also the Atlantic Surf Lodge accomodates other guests as well, so that you can travel with a friend or partner who wants to do less or no yoga at all.

Impressions Yoga @Atlantic Surf Lodge

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