Discovering new worlds will not only bring luck and knowledge but also fear and sorrow. How do you want to treasure luck when you don't know sorrow? How will you ever gain knowledge when you never face your fears? The great challenge of life is to overcome the boarders within you and go as far as you've never dared dreaming.

aus Sergio Bambaren,
Der träumende Delphin – Eine magische Reise zu dir selbst
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Karla Stanek

I started yoga in 2002, more by coincidence than planned, in a yoga class in the gym. My sceptical view on it lasted quite a while but I also realized that the holistic aspect, the combination of breath and movement, as well as the focus on the „here and now“ was fascinating me more and more. So I decided to participate in a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at the Yogaloft Cologne. Since then my yoga path drove me to different teachers and styles like Forrest Yoga, Jivamukti, Core Strength Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. During the teacher training with anatomy guru Paul Grilley I learnt to appreciate the calm and meditative stillness of Yin Yoga. To get closer to the roots of yoga I practice regularly in India with my Ashtanga teacher Balu Thevar, from whom I also learned the art of adjustment in Ashtanga yoga. To combine the classical Yoga with modern anatomy knowledge in vinyasa yoga, alignment, adjustment and personal training I finished my 500hrs RYT training at the renowned Inside Yoga in Frankfurt.

2009 the Atlantic coast was calling: In collaboration with the surf travel agency Wavetours GmbH we wanted to establish yoga at the family surf camp in Seignosse. At the beginning most of our guests were not familiar with yoga, as it has not been as popular as today, but with every year the classes became more and more popular – the saddle connection of yoga, nature, ocean and surfing was the fulfillment for our guests as well as for us as team on site.

With individual yoga and surf retreats I want to continue this spirit and focus on the base: good food, breath taking coastlines, the journey whithin and especially a time worth to remember.

Focus of my classes is to see everything with a certain lightness, have fun and value each little progress, in case it gets to difficult, just take a deep breath – it’s all coming when it is supposed to.

In Cologne I teach at different studios, like the Yogaloft, Yes Yoga and Lord Vishnus Couch, as well as for business yoga for companies and private sessions.